Your educational support

Help within reach.

Yes I Can is based out of your school’s resource room, providing trained professionals to eligible children, by way of remediating academic and social teachings; in both a classroom setting and one on one basis. Using a unique approach of individualized methods of teaching math, reading, and writing, etc. Our therapists utilize researched methods within the mainstream setting of your child’s classroom. Respecting the capabilities of every student, our trained staff works along with your school to eventually enable intervention free schooling.


It’s a process, yet we view it through the eyes of a child: slow and steady, without boundaries and with lots of love. Parents at Yes I Can always feel welcome and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keeping it real.

Yes I Can began because our founders felt a compelling need for a new educational environment that focused on real goals that were attainable, even for the struggling grade schooler. Our educators enforce accountability throughout our efforts, thereby guaranteeing success, which is unique to every child’s portfolio of social and academic performance.


A change of environment and a program focused on individual strengths were what these children needed. Yes I Can’s blossoming years proved our point. Our children’s success at achieving real results inspired us to proceed with the labor of love.

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